SMC group

Bridge – Social interaction

The idea involves using the bridge that connects ACM15 with FKJ12 in a social and interactive way that could challenge people to be more sociable. Sensors like  Piezzo microphones and pressure sensors, would be placed on the floor detecting an incoming person, while  Infra Red or  Ultra Sound distance sensors should be place on one of the sides.
Two speakers would be placed at both entries of the bridge which would notify the incoming person that he is going to see another person in 20 steps and will have to hi five him/her. The speakers will follow him/her giving information on how soon they will have to hi five the other person. Alternatively instead of hi fiving, other ways of socially interacting can be used such as “Hug the other person” or talk about the weather ( Google weather involved), or cake; Cake is good.


Idea 2: idea you waited to hear: The stairs companion

One of our ideas is about making a small autonomous companion that would walk with you up the stairs in ACM15 lobby(aka THE STAIRS) and tell you a joke, a piece of news or a small poem. We hope that the jokes and poem will be that good that everyone would prefer to use the stairs instead of the elevator.

The little robot would be composed of a small bluetooth speaker, 3 wheels to guide it on the inner-lower stair rail, and a magnet to keep it attached. We are thinking of using a system inspired by how roller coasters are “fixed” on their rails(pic below).

The little robot would be pulled by a wire attached to little stepping motor. The whole system could run on a Raspberry Pi with a bluetooth dongle.

Omnidirectional speaker
Idea numero tres revolves around creating a omnidirectional speaker. The speaker should be made of 12 independently sealed piramidal chambers that put together would form a dodecahedron. By doing this we can have controll on each speaker`s output independently, without the drivers influencing eachother(yeah, it`s geeky). Here`s a dodecahedron:



SMC group