Interactive Drone – Half prototype

While the table of the sensors needed is on the way, I started playing a bit with some of the electronics that I’m sure I’ll be using (6-axes gyro and accelerometer, pressure and arduino).

I began to develop an early prototype of the controller: I screwed the 6-axes sensor on a lego brick and built a small airplane model around it.

I wired it to an arduino nano and used some libraries and an interface made in processing to get and visualize the movements. For now I got only the input from the gyro, I am currently working on getting also data to from the accelerometer so that I can use it to maybe track the approximate position in space.

I got my hands on a small (really cheap) quadcopter. After training a bit in flying it, I took the controller apart trying to find a way to hack it and get to control the drone with other inputs.

This is a picture of the board inside the controller:


I was either thinking of trying to “intercept” the signal that is sent from the controller (thing that I would have no idea how to do) or to figure out the wiring and finding a way to bypass the two joystick potentiometers so that I could feed it my own data from an arduino. If you guys have any better ideas on how to hack the communication I’m really looking forward to hearing it! 😀

Interactive Drone – Half prototype

Stairs Projects: ‘light tunnel’ and ‘stuff pulley’

Hey guys, this post is to share the brainstorm and ideas that Lasse and I came up with during the last lecture 🙂

First of all here is a basic representation of the ideas:


As you can see we have three different categories:

  • point/score -based ideas (top – yellow);
  • play-based ideas (middle – orange);
  • mechanical-ideas (bottom-blue).

Of all the ideas, we decided to develop the concept of two of them: the LED+cloth strips tunnel, and the electric stuff pulley.

Light Stairs Tunnel

In the drawing you can see how we envisioned the LED strips installation to be. We would basically wrap the whole staricase with a tunnel of LED strips; the outside would be then covered with some fabric to avoid light leaks and to intrigue the passers-by. The LEDs could be used to diplay light plays, or could be programmed to respond to movements and such.


Race Your Stuff

This idea is mainly aimed to help people carry their things upsairs (could be food, bags, laptops, pets, ninja turtles :P).



Lasse and Luca

Stairs Projects: ‘light tunnel’ and ‘stuff pulley’